Weaving The World

Weaving The World

Weaving and Textile Courses in Oaxaca, Mexico



Come join us on our Project weaving with Zapotec people of Oaxaca

The Zapotec people maintain many of the age old traditions of the region the best known of which are spinning, dyeing and weaving using natural dyes gathered from the mountains and employing hand looms.


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Weaving Course

We try to include a wide range of techniques in our courses and these can to some extent be adapted depending on the preferences of the participants. Our focus is on skilled weaving as carried out by the local Zapotec indigenous people although we also look at the processes of spinning and collections of plants for dyeing which provide the astounding vibrancy of colors used in their fabrics. In all of these we stress the hands-on approach.



We will be there to meet you at Oaxaca airport and then escort you on to our accommodation. A mini bus will be available to take you to the villages where the workshops take place as well as for visits to archaeological sites such as Mitla and Monte Albán. You will be accompanied at every stage of the journey although you will of course be free to wander and explore the delights of Oaxaca City and its surrounds.


Your Host

Your host and expert guide throughout will be Palmira Serra, born and raised in Mexico, but now living in Cheltenham. As well as having had her education in textiles and design in Mexico City, she has had a lifelong love of the indigenous weaving styles of this beautiful region of her country. She will be your guide and advisor for all stages of the journey to and from Oaxaca and with you during all the workshops and visits.



We are delighted to be able to offer accommodation at our boutique hotel which is used only or predominantly by those attending the course. It is situated in a quiet area of Oaxaca but close to the city center, museums, restaurants and cathedral. Our hostess will cook us all a wonderful Oaxaqueño breakfast and provide lunch and dinner as needed. Most rooms are private but there is the option to share also. The leafy covered courtyard with fountain is the perfect place to relax with a drink or chat when not out and about.



Oaxaca is truly a city beyond description and much of its magic you’ll only learn from spending time there. Its historical center dates back to the sixteenth century and its central square (Plaza de la Constitucion) and surrounding buildings bear witness to the elegance of its past. Whether you wish to visit the cathedral, its various museums or take a walk along the Alcala to browse the many bookstores, craft shops and galleries, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of the sights and sounds of this unique city.



It’s impossible to talk about Mexico without mentioning its outstanding cuisine. Oaxaca has added its own special flavor to this including delicacies dating back to the Zapotec civilization before the arrival of the Spanish. You will be able to experience this via our host’s home cooking and Oaxaca has an abundance of eating places varying from street sellers, small and casual bistros to excellent restaurants. We normally include a course in Mexican cooking for those wanting learning some of the secrets of this delightful cuisine.


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